I am 25

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This post was originally published on the 31st of December 2015, and it is now being published again.

Today, 31st of December 2015, is my birthday. I’ve made it to 25 years of age. This is already an incredible privilege, and not something that everyone is able to experience, and so I should count myself lucky. There is a passage in Epictetus that says that the time is now, that the Olympics are here.

This is that time.

I am no longer a child, and I need to start behaving like a man. That means a lot of things, some which I am still trying to figure out, but I’ll at least make the effort, and strive for tranquility.

It feels like only yesterday that I wrote my short essay “I am 23”, but it was exactly two years ago.

Time flies.

Since I wrote that essay two years, I fell off the bandwagon, I let things slip. I lived a life without balance, and paid the price, but fortunately I’ve managed to turn things back to how they were.

Things never quite turn out as we believe they will. We’re great at believing that we can predict the future, and we’re terrible at remember that we can’t.

So this is what I’ve achieved since my 23rd birthday.

I’ve started three companies. The first failed, the other two are doing great.

My second company was started with $300.

I learned a lot about business.

I’ve had more girlfriends in the last two years than in the past twenty three.

I’ve learnt to speak a foreign language – badly.

I’ve started running for the first time in eight years.

I’ve painted six pictures.

I’ve made more money than I’ve ever made before, and don’t actually care too much about it.

I’ve moved to a luxury apartment and bought lots of stuff.

Managed to stay in the luxury apartment but throw away most of my stuff again.

I spent almost $5,000 on Apple Products .

I gave up writing, and deleted my website.

I started writing again, created a new website, and then shut it down again.

I started writing again, created a new website, and here you are reading.

I almost got into a fight.

I started to track how I spend my money (great habit).

I gave up coffee, one of the best things I have ever done for myself.

I gave my brother a superb birthday present.

I saw my mum in the first time in over 18 months

I saw my sister for the first time in over two and a half years.

I almost got sued, but managed not to worry about it too much.

I learned to accept uncertainty.

I haven’t left the country.

I’ve read more than one hundred books.

I’ve written more than 100,000 words of essays.

I made seven people cry.

I’ve stopped being timid in confrontational situations.

I’ve kept a journal.

I’ve got myself really organised.

I’ve had an awesome time.

I understand the need for tranquility.


I’m very excited about what 2016 has got to bring, and I am hoping to radically increase the quality and level of my essays. I’m getting a lot of practice, I’ve almost reached one hundred essays, and exciting things are to come!

Happy New Year,