The Joys of a Quiet Night In

In Reading, Self Improvement, Short Thoughts

As afternoon turns into evening, I always begin to feel the urge to leave home and go into the city.

I guess this feeling is borne out the need to feel important. Getting out there and being seen, meeting friends, being served at restaurants, this are all things that begin to suggest that I am “someone”, which of course is true – everyone is someone. 

I have started resisting this feeling, and I am reaping the benefits. I love reading, and it is incredible just how many books one can enjoy by spending evenings in reading.

While reading is not a numbers or speed game, I have accumulated 74 titles on my reading list this year.

Looking back on this list, I can’t help but smile at how much I have learnt, and also all the adventures that these books have taken me on.

Reading is magic.