Keyboard + iPhone vs MacBook Pro

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I’ll be travelling to Egypt for several weeks in a few days, and I am wondering what to take, and more importantly, what not to take.

I am actually writing this from a Magic Keyboard connected via Bluetook to an iPhone, instead of my usual MacBook Pro setup.

This is interesting because I am actually considering not even taking my MacBook Pro at all on my holiday. This is for several reasons, but mostly because I don’t want to “work” while I am away, and I also don’t want to worry about leaving it around while I travel, and it may well get stolen.

The main reason I wanted to take it was to do long form writing, but it appears to me that the combination of a full keyboard and the iPhone is just as good as a MacBook Pro, and in fact it may actually allow me to focus more than using the MacBook. It is also more comfortable to write on just the keyboard instead of having to use the entire MacBook, as now the screen and the keyboard are detached.for Instnce, Gaving the keyboard on my lap, I don’t even actually have to look at my phone at all, and it is quite a strange experience writing witohout looking, but In a way it allows my thoughts to run free. The only issue is probably having to go back and tidy up the text for mistakes and whatnot, but that probably would only take a few minutes at best, which is fine.

And so, perhaps I have now found a completely new way of writing for myself!

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