On Deep Work

In Self Improvement, Short Thoughts

I’ve spoken before on my reasons for leaving Facebook, and an unexpected benefit has been an increased capacity for what can be termed “Deep Work”.

This is when I get in a state of mind where I can effortlessly spend long stretches of time involved in meaningful work. The requirements for this? Less distractions, notifications, and superficial communication.

Essentially, a quiet room.

What is incredible about this type of work is that it does not follow the 80/20 rule, but goes much further than that. I estimate that I do 99% of my meaningful work in what probably amounts to less than an average of 30 minutes of work per day.

The awesome thing is, I am just getting started with this, and like anything, I expect to get better the more I practice.

Being able to consistently do deep work is a huge plus. At exactly the time when there are more and more distractions, the results from deep work are exactly what everyone in the world values most.