Over the years, I have found a great way to find new (awesome) clients. 

This is by partnering with select individuals who can help reach businesses that are out of my network, in return for receiving a percentage of the billings for that particular customer. 

I’ve paid out tens of thousands of dollars in this way, and I’ll explain why it is worth it for everyone:

  • The client receives an introduction to a specialist designer, web developer, and creative director that they would otherwise not have had, and will have a project that produces stunning results that will not only make them happy but also have an awesome return on investment. 
  • The partner (that’s you!) gets that warm feeling inside for having connected someone with needs with someone who has great solutions, and that warm feeling is also backed up by cash, which makes things twice as great. 
  • The designer (me!) manages to find new clients he otherwise would not have found, and has little to no costs related to sales and marketing, with the exception of the referral fee that is paid to the partner. 

I am very open regarding this way of doing business, and I always put the client’s interest first, which is what it is all about.

The fee (normally between 5% to 15%, depending on the project) is less that what it would cost me if I ran a full-time sales team or extensive marketing campaigns, and so this is essence a “thank you” for reducing my business costs!

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