White Label

I know what it takes to run a full-service digital agency – it’s not easy.

Hiring freelancers or outsourcing to fill in skill gaps is almost inevitable, but what it doesn’t have to be is painful. 

The issues with hiring most freelancers are that you are competing for their attention against their other personal projects, and that they are often not directly involved in the project on client-side.

As an agency veteran, I know exactly how to deal with even most difficult clients in a professional manner, all under your own brand.

Because I run my own project-based flash teams, you never have to worry about me not being available or competing for my attention.

You have none of the downsides of hiring a freelancer, with all of the upsides!

By hiring me for your project you instantly receive:

  • A valuable team member that can run the project himself and require little to no management overhead.
  • Security – we will work with you on a fixed-price basis so you know exactly what your margins will be on the project.
  • An expansion to your available services – with no upfront investment required.

The even more awesome thing about all of this is that it can be done all under your own brand, adding value to your business. Simply give me an emanuele@yourdomain.com email address, and introduce me to your client, and you’ve got a hands-off money maker.

Of course, I’ll sign both an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) and a Non-Solicitation Agreement, so you can rest assured that the clients that you’ve won through your marketing and sales efforts remain yours. 

I have several such agreements with multiple creative and digital agencies, so this is a proven concept where everyone is a winner:

  • The client receives awesome work on time, and within budget, and they will be so happy and they will come back to you again and again.
  • The agency (you!) has no risk, no upfront costs, and no extra management expenses in taking on more work and scaling the business.
  • The freelancer (me!) gets to work on interesting projects, and because I have little to no cost of sale, I can deliver super awesome quality work for a significant discount that what you would find on the open market.

Even if you’re just curious, you should definitely get in touch, and we can arrange a call to see how we can work together to deliver as much value as possible to your clients.

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